About Us

That Doggy in the Window was created by Stacy, a well known dog breeder in Ohio. Stacy created this site to create a platform for breeders like herself to advertise their puppies. Stacy started by calling people who were advertising their dogs in the newspaper and asking if she could take their picture and advertise them. If she sold the puppy, she got a commision, if she didn't sell the puppy, she got nothing. Clearly this approach has worked for her!

Stacy has been running TDITW for over a decade and has had astounding results. With an abundance of happy customers, Stacy takes pride in being able to direct each family that comes across her site to the correct breeder.

Being a dog breeder herself, Stacy has any breeder's dream set up! Her pups have ample space to run and play, as well as a heated living area. She breeds many different dogs, but always has Labradoodles and Shihtzus up for sale! 

Stacy is a mother of two teenage boys, and happily married to her husband, Rick. TDITW has very much become a family business, as her home-bred puppies live inside. They are part of the family! Stacy lives her life by the saying: "Dogs are like chocolates, you can't have just one!"