The Goldendoodle is a crossbreed that is growing in popularity! These pups are created by breeding a Poodle with a Golden Retriever. Goldendoodles are incredibly friendly with all that thy come in contact with. They get along great with other dogs, strangers, and even kids! These dogs are pretty low-key, making them great for first time dog owners. These dogs are incredibly playful and love being outside and getting active. If you're a runner, your goldendoodle would be the best running partner. If you're not a runner, your pup might just turn you into one! 

Goldendoodles coats are very much a cross between their Poodle and Golden Retriever counterparts. It's thick and soft like a golden's, but very curly and/or wavy like the Poodle's coat. They are expected to live to be 10-15 years old. Goldendoodles generally stand anywhere from 1-2 feet tall and weigh 50-90 pounds.